Welcome to musimelange!

It is a pleasure to welcome you to musimelange.com.

Over the years spent traveling and living in different parts of the world, many opportunities arose for me to meet wonderful musicians and extremely talented artists.  Today I am honored to introduce you to their amazing talents and love for beautiful music making with you. Through the MISO’s Strategic Alliance Program, musimelange will bring exceptional soloists into your home.

Coming from a French family, the appreciation for great wine, gourmet food and elegant fashion is deeply rooted in my lifestyle.  I am proud to present to you brilliant sommeliers who will guide your palettes through the world of wine and spirit and talented chefs who will prepare with their magical hands little bites of gourmet delights.

An evening of high-quality music and memorable tastings can’t be complete without the elegance of musicians wearing designers’ clothes. I will, specially for the event, select a designer that will reflect the perfect harmony with the concert experience. This eloquent “mélange” of beauty is ready for you!

I look forward to customizing your concert experience. To all of you thank you for visiting our website, welcome and enjoy beautiful times with us.

☎: (305) 814-8141

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