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musimelange @ Art Basel Miami Beach

♦  Tonight is the closing night dinner of Art Basel @ the m building in the Wynwood District of Miami. Imagine yourself entering the gallery appreciating the art of the TED prize: JR.  You make your way to the astonishing living room designed by CHAHAN MINASSIAN, where you will find the fabulous host/owner of the m building in her open kitchen, preparing an amazing dinner for her closest friends who came from all over the world to attend to Art Basel.

♦ Dinner is ready to be served! in the garden surronded by sculptures of UGO RONDINONE, OSCAR TUAZON, FRONAZ WEST.

♦  Just before the dessert, our musimelange saxophonist, Matt Taylor interrupts the flow of the evening with “BEAT ME!” a piece by Barry Cockroft for tenor saxophone.

♦ Everyone gathered around the solo saxophonist, feeling the groove of this exiting romp through the history of rock n’ roll. After the final screaming note of the piece, Matt invited the guests into the living room for a Beethoven String Quartet performance.

♦   After the performance the guest got to meet the performers while savoring the dessert prepared by Lovely Daze Desserts.

The Master

Tonight, Wednesday, November 30, the Sagamore Hotel will present the world premier of artist Enrique Martinez Celaya’s The Master.
“The artist paces the beach at dawn wearing 18th-century garb while gesturing repetitively. His restless movements contrast with the easiness of the sunrise behind him.” (Katy Donoghue, Whitewall)
SOUNDTRACK by musimelange!

musimelange @ Art Basel opening night

♦ The Private Client Reserve of U.S. Bank invited their client to an evening with artist Enrique Martinez Celaya. They enjoyed a performance of Beethoven Spring Sonata by Anne Chicheportiche & Ciro Fodere in honor of Martiez Celaya’s Schneebett, an installation inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven.
♦ The preview of The Master, a video created by the artist on the occasion of Schneebett’s installation at the Miami Art Museum paired with  the sound of the violin and the piano  graciously landed by the Steinway Gallery in Coral Gables, which resonated through the rooms of the Whale & Star Gallery like a spell binding song, made the evening unique and invigorating for the soul.



  • WHAT: An Art Basel Opening celebration
  • WHERE: @ Whale & Star
  • WHEN: November 29th 2011

Anne Chicheportiche (violin) & Ciro Fodere (Piano)



◊ WHAT: An Art Basel dinner party

◊ WHERE: @ the m building

◊ WHEN: December 3rd 2011

Anne Chicheportiche (violin)

Naomi Culp (violin)

Daniel Andai (viola)

Aron Zelkowicz (cello)

From Beethoven to the Beatles | MISO

Report from NBC



Beethoven Op. 132 by Matt Taylor | Miami

Beethoven & Art | MIAMI

Come listen to a musimelange public performance @ the MAM (Miami Art Museum)

♦ Thursday the 13th of October @ 6pm. You will experience a “melange” of Art & Chamber Music.

♦ We will be performing, with members of the MISO, the Beethoven String Quartet Op 132.

♦ The concert will be paired with the discovery of Enrique Martinez Celaya’s “Schneebett,” a two-room installation inspired by Beethoven’s convalescence and death in Vienna, Austria, in 1827, in the Anchor Gallery section of its Permanent Collection installation.

The title, Schneebett (“Snow-bed”), is from a poem by Holocaust survivor Paul Celan, a meditation on death. In one room is a refrigerated bronze bed, its surface covered in a thick layer of frost. Behind it is a large tar-and-feather painting of a snowy wood. The entry to the room is blocked by a pile of logs and branches. On the other side of the blocked doorway is an antechamber, equipped with a solitary chair from which a viewer can peer into the inaccessible “bedroom.” Nearby is an electric compressor, whose power keeps the bed refrigerated. Schneebett was first created for the Berliner Philharmonie in 2004, where it accompanied a program of Beethoven works.


WHEN: Thursday, October 13th @ 6pm

WHERE: Miami Art Museum | 101 W Flagler St

WHAT: Performance | Ludwig Van Beethoven’s String Quarrtet Op 132 & Exhibition | United States Debut of Enrique Martínez Celaya’s Schneebett

WHO: member of the MISO

HOW: MAM members free – non-members $10

RSVP: | 305.375.1704

PARKING: $5 at 50 NW 2nd Ave. (with validation)

musimelange @ Fashion Night Out

If you missed our featured soloist Daniel Andai dazzling the audience at the Bal Harbour Shops FNO 2011, click on the link below: ↓↓↓

WATCH: 2011 FNO @ Bal Harbour Shops


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