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Launching @ MIA

What a wonderful way to launch our musimelange!

Saturday, May 14th The MISO, who partnered with the Miami-Dade Avation Department, performed at the Miami International Airport – Terminal J. The experience was a part of the Music in Unsuspected Spaces community concert series. As the conductor Eduardo Marturet said: “The idea was to transform the terminal into a concert hall and maybe even give the people arriving here a different idea of what Miami is about, something beyond the sun and the beach.”
During the reception, with the leadership of Athina K. de Marturet, we cheered to a beautiful beginning of musimelange.


An evening of effortless elegance filled with wine, music, culinary adventures and fashion awaits!
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Eduardo Marturet

Eduardo Marturet enjoys an active career on three continents. As the Music Director and Conductor of The Miami Symphony Orchestra, he remains deeply involved in the musical life of his native Venezuela and continues to guest conduct actively in Europe. He has made more than 40 CDs that range from a Brahms orchestral cycle to surveys of Latin America’s greatest orchestral composers.

European orchestras with which he has had an active guest conducting relationship include Berliner Symphoniker, European Community Chamber Orchestra, Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz, RAI Symphony Orchestra, Danish Radio Symphony, Royal Flemish Philarmonique, Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie, Gelders Orkest, Bohemian Chamber Philharmonic, Budapest Radio Symphony, Brabant Orkest, and Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra in Amsterdam. In 2001, he led the Berliner Symphoniker on a 12-concert tour of major South American cities including Caracas, Sao Paulo, Cordoba, Montevideo and Buenos Aires. A documentary of the tour was broadcast through the region by DirecTV.

Born in Caracas, Marturet studied in Cambridge, England where he became firmly rooted in the European tradition, obtaining a degree in Piano, Percussion, Conducting, and Composition. In 1979, he returned to Venezuela with a permanent position with the Orquesta Filarmónica de Caracas as Associate Conductor and later as Artistic Director to the Orquesta Sinfónica Venezuela, where he served in that position until 1995. Presently, he maintains close contact with the Venezuelan National Youth Orchestra movement, giving advice and support in aid of poor children.

With the opening of the Teresa Carreño Theatre in Caracas in 1984, Marturet became its first Music Director. After three years of bringing challenging and original productions to the stage, he resigned from the Theatre to dedicate himself entirely to an international career, conducting in Italy, Greece, France, Spain, England, Denmark, Holland, Korea, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Canada and the United States.

He made his Asian debut with the Seoul Philharmonic in 2003, a year when he also opened the Chorin Summer Festival in Berlin and made his debut with the Buenos Aires Philharmonic in Argentina and the Florida Philharmonic in Miami.

In 2006, Marturet received a Latin Grammy nomination for “Encantamento” in the category of Best Classical Album conducting the Berliner Symphoniker.

Sebastien Verrier

At 34, Paris born Sébastien Verrier is often younger than some of the wines he serves. However, his youth has not prevented him from garnering a stellar reputation as a sommelier, one who relishes in the “always learning, always tasting, always working on the palate” associated with his profession. It is a profession he entered when he was only 15 as a sommelier’s assistant at Paris’s Michelin-starred Les Clos Longchamps. Verrier balanced his duties there with earning a bachelor degree in wine stewardship.

Having begun to master wine, he became equally determined to learn English, so after two years as second sommelier at the famed Michelin one-star Le Jardin in Paris, he headed for London and a position as captain/sommelier at Mon Plaisir Restaurant.

Wanderlust, which often accompanies wine expertise because of its global nature, had set in by 1998. Verrier set his sights on New York City, where he spent a year as a captain at Les Trois Jeans before taking off for Australia and an exploration of its viniculture.

Verrier joined the Biltmore team in the fall of 1999 where he oversaw the wine lists at La Palme d’Or and the 1200 Restaurant & Courtyard, as well as wine pairings for all the hotel’s winemaker-theme dinners. After 12 years at the Biltmore, he became a partner of W Wine Boutique in January 2011.


How it works…

musimelange comes 2U: U choose the location and completely customize the evening with the artistic director, to leave Ur special touch on the following 3 parts:

ACT a wine tasting or any kind of national drink you’d like to taste (vodka, tequila, whisky etc…).

ACT a brief concert of chamber music (Sonata, Trio, Quartet etc…) with or without piano.

ACT a time for gourmet delights.


If you have a concept in mind, great! If not, we can work with you to create a unique and unforgettable evening that will be the talk of the town.

We will be glad to sit down with you and craft Ur musimelange experience into an elegant affair.

☎: (305) 814-8141

A typical evening

art basel @ the m buidingTonight is a champagne tasting…

The evening begins as you enter the home of a dear friend to encounter a professional sommelier who can walk you through the beguiling subtleties that await your palate, and can respond with suggestions for other vintages you may enjoy so that you can build your own champagne collection.

The host then invites you to retire to the salon, introducing you to world-class musicians who have prepared an intimate concert of chamber music just for you.  Using the champagne as inspiration, they perform a concert of effervescent music that delights and uplifts your spirt.  Since there is no stage, the musicians interact with you, responding to your questions and desires, causing you to experience music in a way that you never before thought possible.  Like every vintage of champagne differs one from another, each performance of a fine piece of music has a different interpretation; the musicians will share their approach and make you a part of it.

A wonderful concert, but your glass is empty!  The charming and knowledgable sommelier comes to the rescue, refilling it with your favorite bubbly of the evening.  Thanks to scrumptious hors d’oeuvres prepared to enhance and complement your champagne, you’ve left your cares behind and can simply enjoy the company of your closest friends; the end of an evening that you’re sure to remember for a long time.

☎: (305) 814-8141 

Anne Chicheportiche | The Founder

anne chicheportiche

Anne Chicheportiche is a French violinist who embraces many cultural influences. She strives for balanced energy and harmony.
An advocate for elegance and beauty, she believes that these are essential ingredients for classical music.
Her dynamic and colorful violin playing displays her desire to make performances feel fresh and alive!
Her goal for musimelange is to invigorate your soul by experiencing classical music, unique culinary adventures and sophisticated wine & spirits.

♬LISTEN: Guillaume Lekeu – Violin & Piano Sonata – 1st movement


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Welcome to musimelange!

It is a pleasure to welcome you to

Over the years spent traveling and living in different parts of the world, many opportunities arose for me to meet wonderful musicians and extremely talented artists.  Today I am honored to introduce you to their amazing talents and love for beautiful music making with you. Through the MISO’s Strategic Alliance Program, musimelange will bring exceptional soloists into your home.

Coming from a French family, the appreciation for great wine, gourmet food and elegant fashion is deeply rooted in my lifestyle.  I am proud to present to you brilliant sommeliers who will guide your palettes through the world of wine and spirit and talented chefs who will prepare with their magical hands little bites of gourmet delights.

An evening of high-quality music and memorable tastings can’t be complete without the elegance of musicians wearing designers’ clothes. I will, specially for the event, select a designer that will reflect the perfect harmony with the concert experience. This eloquent “mélange” of beauty is ready for you!

I look forward to customizing your concert experience. To all of you thank you for visiting our website, welcome and enjoy beautiful times with us.

☎: (305) 814-8141

the M building


The M Building is a unique event space, showroom, and art gallery. Formerly a 1950’s manufacturing warehouse, the building has been impeccably restored by award-wining architect Chad Oppenheim with attention to detail and consideration to maintain it’s unique design integrity. The distinctive property is in the heart of Wynwood Art District, adjacent to the Miami Design District, and conveniently one block from the Rubell Family Collection.

The 12,000 square feet two-story structure comprises 5 gallery spaces and a tropical garden for spectacular outdoor entertaining. A formal living space and a garden terrace have been designed by prominent, international interior designer Chahan Minassian. An adjacent, serving kitchen features Angela Garcia’s Lovely Daze Desserts for your catering needs.

This tropical modernist structure offers a unique setting for private events, corporate receptions, shows, and family celebrations.

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