a few moments of life shred through the eyes of a dear friend.

Even though I’m a nurse, a trip to the hospital still brings unease to the heart. You don’t know what will happen, and let’s be honest, the fear of the unknown is always present, until I glanced up to the ceiling of my hospital room, I saw a happy face clown balloon smiling down at me. He has a gold face, multicolored hat, cute black eyes, the appropriate red nose and a special grin.

Every day it was great to see that happy face grinning down at me – made procedures a little easier. For two weeks I enjoyed having my friend,  Fred. To my pleasant surprise the day before I left the hospital, Fred had floated down to my bed. We were fated to be friends.

After being moved to rehab, I taped Fred to the wall beside my bed. That happy face helps my mind, body and soul heal. We all have to deal with trauma of all kinds but I wish for you a Fred. Amazing such an inanimate object can bring such joy.

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